Ever heard of a Porridge Spurtle?

Author: Catherine Bartlett   Date Posted:18 July 2023 

Originating from the Scottish Highlands in the 15th century, this simple piece of kitchenware will ensure that you have silky, lump-free porridge every single time!


We absolutely love this story, Joan's Spurtle!

I love learning and understanding the how's and why's of all of the fabulous kitchen gadgetry we stock. I love discovering the history behind the success of fabulous brands, or what was the necessity that lead to the invention of certain products. One of our most popular items is the humble porridge spurtle, and recently our customer Mark told us the most beautiful story about his mother-in-law Joan.   Mark came in looking for a gift for his wife who is originally from Shropshire in the UK. Mark was thrilled to find a small range of products in our store that are proudly made by the folks at the Creamore Mill, Shropshire, UK.  He bought his wife a Porridge Spurtle, not because she particularly loved porridge - but just because it was from her home town - Shropshire! A few days later, Mark's mother-in-law came to visit, (Joan was also from Shropshire) and saw this fabulous little tool on the kitchen bench. But funnily enough had never heard of it!  Now Joan has made porridge for her husband every single morning for over 60 years of marriage, so I'm calling her an "expert porridge maker".  But she was a little dubious about our claim that the humble spurtle would make the silkiest and smoothest porridge, so she decided to give it a go! The result . . . . Joan took the spurtle home with her and hasn't used a wooden spoon for her husbands porridge since! She actually uses it for all sorts of gravies and sauces. Oh - I should also mention, she did leave Mark $15.95 on the bench so he could get a new one!   


So how does it work . . . because the spurtle is a turned piece of wood, as you stir it simply keeps the porridge moving. Unlike a spoon that pushes the oats around, effectively squashing them together, forming lumps!


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