Bear the Beautiful

Author: Catherine Bartlett   Date Posted:20 March 2019 

Family. Friends. Familiarity. Fond memories from recipes passed among us. How often do you recall the person or people who introduced you to that relish or that dessert?

I knew a lady named Bear. Ironically, she was the nicest, gentlest, most refined woman you could ever hope to meet, not a great hairy bear-type lady. Every outfit was coordinated from the jewels to the shoes. I used to think, “I hope I’m that together when I’m 88!”

Bear had a personal relationship with her hairdresser that lasted more than 20 years. This relationship was so strong that in her final months the hairdresser made regular weekly appointments with Bear at home and later in the hospital. She even attended her funeral as a treasured friend. An accomplished musician and a dedicated mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Bear really was a beautiful person. 

Bear’s daughter is a dear friend of mine. We met at work and now have kids the same age. As most mums do we shared recipes. In my recipe book at home, you know the one with scribbled recipes you’ve seen on a tv cooking show or the page you’ve torn out of the magazine from the doctor’s surgery . . . oh don’t judge, you’ve all done it!

I have this one called Bear’s Hedgehog. It’s easy, failproof, adaptable. #kidsloveit  #mumoftheyear

I’ve shared this recipe below, feel free to add your favourite little extras.  When I stick to the recipe I consider it a ‘tribute’ to a lady that I think fondly of every time I make this for my kids.

Thanks Bear, xx



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