Love Slow Cooking

Author: Catherine Bartlett   Date Posted:28 June 2019 

In our house, winter is a pretty busy time. Weekends are full of sporting events being played or watched and the outdoor BBQ goes into hibernation.  We dig out the large stewpot, stockpot and covered roasting dish that got pushed to the back of the cupboard while it was summer salad season.

Excitement builds during the week when I've found a fantastic cut of meat and start to plan a cosy Saturday night in with family.  The colder weather encourages us to reach for cookbooks with titles like "Warm" and "The Curry Bible" (both equal favourites in our house).

Saturday morning arrives and there's more activity than usual.  The oven is set low, low, low.  The delicious combination of spices, sauces and seasoning get massaged into that awesome cut of meat and then it's placed on a cosy bed of fresh herbs.  Into the oven it goes and we race out the door to stand in the freezing cold with nothing to keep us warm but a tiny cup of coffee in our hand.

As the day goes by, we've crammed in three games of sport in two different locations, an excessive amount of cheering, a trip to the hardware in preparation for Sunday's jobs and caught up with friends for a coffee.  Finally we get home, muddy and wet clothes are dumped in a pile in the laundry and we race to turn on the heater but the best bit of all is the smell!  The delicious mouth-watering smell that gives you a warm cuddle when you walk in.  Cold noses, tired bodies, aching muscles all seem to disappear because we are all now looking forward to sitting down together, laughing about the day and enjoying a wonderful meal that has been slow cooking all day. 

I Love Slow Cooking.



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