We love Cornishware

Author: Catherine Bartlett   Date Posted:3 March 2022 

The iconic blue bands were first produced in the 1920’s by T.G.Green & Co when Tom (Green) produced a range of breakfast dishes. But you all knew that . . .  have you ever noticed the stamp under each piece?

Next time you see Cornishware in an antique store, or your grandparents kitchen, or in boutique stores around the country like ours, turn a piece upside down and you’ll see a stamp. Read it carefully. 

Cornishware has had a blustery history, much like the white crested waves and blue skies of Cornwall which is responsible for inspiring the iconic bands. After huge popularity in the 50s, 60s and 70s it struggled with keeping up with modern production techniques and closed its doors 2007, and production went offshore.  The stamp on items produced during this time read “established in 1864, classic kitchenware” around the outside.  In 2017 the brand was reborn and its popularity has never been stronger. Production is returning to the UK, to the famous Stoke on Trent ceramics district, and now the stamp once again reads “Made in England” in its original green . . . T.G.Green!

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