Al Dente Ravioli Maker 10 set

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Create fresh, homemade pasta ravioli pillows with this easy to use two piece Al Dente Ravioli Maker.


This innovative Ravioli Maker includes a non-stick plastic dome mould and metal cutter base, creating up to 10 large square (6cm) pieces of ravioli per batch, each with a classic ravioli jagged edge.



1. Roll out a thin sheet of pasta dough to fit the Ravioli Maker, leaving a 1.5cm overhang. Place the floured sheet of pasta over the Ravioli Maker.

2. Use the domed press to create indents for filling.

3. Place equal amounts of filling into each section.

4. Cover with another sheet of pasta.

5. Use a rolling pin to press over the top of the Ravioli Maker to seal and cut each shape. Leave on a wire rack and allow to dry for one hour. Cook the ravioli in boiling, salted water, for 3 to 4 minutes until “al dente".

  • Makes 10 large square (6cm) ravioli.
Handwash only.