Daily Bake Bread Lame

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Neatly score fresh homemade dough using the Bread Lame from Daily Bake. This Bread Lame features meticulous craftmanship and an ergonomic sustainable beechwood handle, for a comfortable grip.

For the perfect "ear" in your bread, create stunning and intricate patterns using the curved stainless steel blade. Not only is the bread lame used to create beautiful rich designs, it also allows your dough to rise with crisp golden peaks and valleys for that traditional artisan style, enhancing the flavour and texture of the bread.

To use:

Prior to starting, ensure the blade is sharp. Using the curved blade, gently score the dough without cutting too deeply or applying too much pressure. Should you find the blade sticking to the dough while scoring, wet the blade between cuts. To create the traditional perfect "ear" shape in the dough, hold the Bread Lame at 30Ëš against the dough's surface and cut about 5mm deep. When the blade is no longer sharp, turn it and change angles for a better result.

  • Meticulous craftmanship.
  • Sustainable beechwood handle.
  • Quality standard stainless steel blades - 5 included.
  • Curved blade for the perfect "ear" in your bread.
Wipe clean with damp cloth. Beware of sharp blade.